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SIPA Group Assists Enterprise Mont Belvieu with IBDH Turnaround

Turner Industries’ SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) group provided critical turnaround support for Enterprise Mont Belvieu’s recent isobutane dehydrogenation (IBDH) turnaround. The SIPA team rapidly deployed an additional 60 workers over three critical days, ensuring the successful and safe completion of complex heater scaffold builds alongside the existing 78 SIPA employees on site.  

In total, the SIPA team built 240 scaffolds, erected over 2,000 feet of hard barricade, and provided forklift assistance, expediting fueling, and housekeeping services throughout the 121 days of work. Despite harsh weather conditions in January and February 2024, SIPA crews completed all work on schedule and with an exemplary safety record of zero work-related injuries and zero near misses. The project’s success hinged on teamwork as SIPA groups from surrounding job sites collaborated to meet Enterprise’s expectations.  

This strong relationship, built over several years through non-routine and emergency work, ensured Enterprise’s trust in us. Ultimately, all turnaround goals were met. By working together and adapting when necessary, our SIPA team was able to deliver exceptional results for Enterprise.

Turner Industries SIPA Regional Manager Alfredo Anguiano

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