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SIPA Group Completes Critical Furnace Recovery Project at Shell Chemicals

Turner Industries’ SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) and refractory group was recently tasked with a critical furnace recovery project at the Shell Chemicals facility in Deer Park, Texas. The project scope consisted of erecting scaffolds for access, replacing all insulation at blind and inspection points, replacing and repairing refractory damage, and re-tubing various furnaces. Turner successfully completed this project within schedule and—most importantly—incident-free.

Our group’s success was built on creating consistent, long-term goals while working as a team to conquer all barriers. On behalf of our site leadership, we would like to thank everyone for your exceptional care, concern, and courage in making this project a success.

Raul Luna, maintenance manager for Turner Industries


  • zero
    OSHA Recordables
  • 60,000
    SIPA Hours
  • 40,000
    SWS Hours
  • 20,000 pieces
  • 21,600
    Refractory Brick Replacement
  • 4,000 cubic ft
    Refractory Castable & Gun Material
  • 4,000 linear ft
    Perlite Insulation Replacement
  • 700+
    HTE Alloy Welds

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