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Turner Industries Helps Rebuild Ascend Community Park


The Ascend Community Park in Cantonment, Florida recently reopened after being closed since Hurricane Sally damaged it in 2020. The park’s reopening was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by Ascend Performance Materials CEO Phil McDivitt, who congratulated the teams from Ascend and Turner Industries for restoring the park after the hurricane.

“This project has been a true team effort by Ascend employees, Ascend Cares volunteers, and our partners from Turner Industries,” said Asa Cuellar, a senior production manager at Ascend who managed the park renovation project. “The park has been in our community since 2000, and we are all thrilled to see it reopen so children and families can enjoy visiting again.”

Employees from Ascend Performance Materials and Turner Industries celebrate the reopening of the Ascend Neighborhood Park. 

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