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Highlighting Exceptional Performance

Turner Industries At Citgo Lake Charles Presents “Going for Gold”

At the Citgo Lake Charles Refinery, Turner Industries’ “Going for Gold” initiative highlights and celebrates exceptional performance in safety, quality, or production. Each month, an individual or team will be selected who has demonstrated outstanding achievement.

To nominate an individual or team , please complete the “Going for Gold” nomination form.

Gold Recipient for May 2024

David Toups

David Toups is a superintendent for Turner at Citgo’s Lake Charles Refinery. David has worked at Citgo Lake Charles for 48 years and has worked hard to instill a proactive safety culture within his team and workspace. When informed that one of his fellow Turner coworkers was in distress inside his vehicle, David immediately went into action. After others’ many failed attempts to get him to exit the vehicle, David stepped in, and drawing on his knowledge of his coworker being an avid fisherman, he was able to convince him to exit the vehicle with the promise of a fishing trip together. In addition to being the only person able to get the employee out of the vehicle, he also followed him to the hospital and refused to leave his side until a family member showed up.

David has always embraced family values and strives to incorporate them into his work life. “You have to know your people,” he says. “They’re like my kids.” David’s actions perfectly highlight the importance of knowing your team on a personal level in order to cultivate a more safe and supportive workplace environment. We are proud to honor him in our first “Going for Gold” highlight.

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